Master large and mid-size Visual Studio solutions

    Release Notes

    The full description of all features is available at the getting started page

    Version 1.5.32

    • BugFix: Correct handling of toolbar filter combo-box selection for pre-defined filters
    • Shortcuts for filter selection adjusted - Alt modifier added

    Version 1.5.31

    • BugFix: The list of filters control is focused immediately if the dialog is opened (no additional tab key is required)
    • Double click on a filter entry within the filter selection list performs a solution load with the selected filter (instead of opening the edit dialog)

    Version 1.5.30

    • The solution node of the project selection tree shows the number of selected projects as well as the overall project number

    Version 1.5.29

    • Visual Studio 2017 is now fully supported

    Version 1.5.28

    • A try to support Visual Studio 15

    Version 1.5.27

    • BugFix: Correct loading of the toolbar filter combo-box if the general Funnel usage is disabled

    Version 1.5.26

    • BugFix: Solution filter application accuracy improved

    Version 1.5.25

    • New option "Default vsFunnel usage": now vsFunnel can be disabled for all solutions by default. If the option is set to "Disabled", vsFunnel has to be enabled for each specific solution in order to be used.
    • BugFix: A Reload Solution action no longer forces closing of all windows

    Version 1.5.24

    • The project filtering accuracy improved for solution reloading

    Version 1.5.23

    • Improved the project filtering accuracy

    Version 1.5.22

    • Additional filter entries in the Funnel toolbar introduced: [All] - loads all projects, [None] - no projects at all are loaded

    Version 1.5.21

    • The Solution Explorer Button for filtering unloaded buttons is now a toggle button
    • Bugfix: No Filter Selection Dialog is shown if Visual Studio tries to open a non-existing solution file
    • Bugfix: Toggle state of the menu item Show/Hide unloaded projects" under the File menu was not correctly visualized

    Version 1.5.20

    • Bugfix: Several visualization issues in the hierarchical checkbox tree selection fixed (issues occurred on modifications of new filters)

    Version 1.5.19

    • New option introduced: Filter storage path can now be specified in the options dialog (it can be either a specific path or the according solution directory)

    Version 1.5.18

    • BugFix: Options reading routine fixed for old (unsupported) option values

    Version 1.5.17

    • The options dialog panel completely reworked
    • The loading filter toolbar is automatically activated if hidden (it is activated only once, so that the user still has the possibility to hide it)

    Version 1.5.16

    • A new Funnel toolbar introduced containing a drop down list box for filter selection

    Version 1.5.15

    • Minor UI changes / improved usability

    Version 1.5.14

    • Bugfix: Start project flag is not considered by the Save All function

    Version 1.5.13

    • Options: New setting "Initial state of top-level tree nodes" specifies whether the top-level nodes are expanded or collapsed at start
    • Bugfix: Filter selection dialog min size calculation fixed
    • Options: The default value for the Esc handling changed to "Cancel solution load"

    Version 1.5.12

    • Bugfix: The filter selection dialog is always closed if any exceptions occur
    • The context menu of the filter selection tree now contains the items Save Filter and Save Filter As

    Version 1.5.11

    • Bugfix: Invalid storage file caused an extension crash
    • Bugfix: The Set Default Filter function without an initial private filter, leaded to creation of invalid private storage files

    Version 1.5.10

    • The workraround strategy "Unload project files after load" is now always applied, it's no longer an option.
      Due to the changes in VS 2015 behaviour the other alternative workaourounds leaded to an unreliable solution load state.

    • Bugfix: Tab sequence for keyboard navigation fixed in the filter selection dialog
    • Bugfix: VS 2015 filter application fixed

    Version 1.5.9

    • Bugfix: Filter selection dialog: Crash on first filter creation fixed
    • Bugfix: If a filter without an explicitly set start project is loaded, the first loaded project is set as a start project
    • Bugfix: Filter selection dialog: Delete filter used wrong filter selection
    • Bugfix: Several issues in the tree selection and data change tracking fixed

    Version 1.5.8

    • New storage model: Change tracking introduced for each filter. Command "Save" reworked, a new command "Save All" introduced
    • Improved UI flow
    • BugFix: No filters were applied if the "Delete suo file" workaround strategy was set

    Version 1.5.7

    • VS2015 support for loading status workaround "Delete suo files" introduced
    • Bugifx: Several bugs in the solution parser fixed
    • More log outputs during solution parsing added

    Version 1.5.6

    • Project loading behaviour improved
    • Solution Explorer filtering improved

    Version 1.5.5

    • Minor UI layout changes and fixes
    • Bugfix: TFS Checkout temporarily deactivated due to dependcy issues. Under certain circumstances Funnel stoppped working

    Version 1.5.4

    • Minor UI changes (icons and buttons in the profile selection dialog)
    • TFS checkout of *.vsext or *.user files; if the funnel storage files (*.vsext or *.user ) are read only, they are checked out before edited. If the funnel storage files are read-only and can't be checked out by TFS means, the read-only flag is removed.
    • BugFix: Crash caused by inconsistent solution files fixed

    Version 1.5.3

    • Bugfix: Shortcut for Load All (Ctrl-A) fixed
    • Bugfix: Crash in the filter selection dialog fixed
    • UI flow reworked: buttons / menu command for filter management added

    Version 1.5.2

    • Bugfix: Filter selection dialog was not shown if no filters existed
    • Several additional logging outputs added
    • Filter selection tree: Placeholder text for the filter text re-introduced

    Version 1.5.1

    • Default loading filters introduced. A default filter is applied on solution load without showing the filter selection dialog. Saved filters can be marked as default in the filter selection dialog / advanced mode using the context menu
    • Minor UI issues fixed
    • Keyboard handling improved: tab handling fixed, several keyboard shortcuts introduced

    Version 1.5.0

    • UI: Icons and flow reworked
    • UI: Load filter management dialog removed. All filter management functions are now directly available in the filter selection dialog
    • UI: Tree checkbox selection considers current tree filtering options (text, checked/unchecked, start projects only)
    • UI: Regular expressions can be used for the text in the tree filter text box, the text must be prefixed with 'regex:' or 'rx:' for regular expressions
    • UI: Advanced/easy modes introduced: filter selection dialog can optionally be used in advanced mode

    Version 1.4.13

    • Bugfix: Minor issues in the options panel fixed
    • Bugfix: Open project property pages caused an internal error on solution reload

    Version 1.4.12

    • All dialogs and UI elements are no longer using Visual Studio themes. The current windows theme settings are used instead

    Version 1.4.11

    • Bugfix: Filter selection dialog: Filter pre-selection before load is fixed
    • Bugfix: Filter selection dialog: instant filter is now always available

    Version 1.4.10

    • Visualization of private/public as well as inclusion/exclusion flags is added to the filter list. Each filter is prefixed with an icon showing whether the filter is shared or private (a lock icon), it also visualizes whether a project filter is an inclusion (plus icon) or an exclusion (minus icon) filter.

    Version 1.4.9

    • Options: The file extension of the private filter storage can be set as a static text or as the current OS user name
    • Filter management dialog: Help URL fixed

    Version 1.4.8

    • Private filters introduced: private filters are stored in a separate (.user) file, so that shared and private filters can be treated separately with regard to source control systems
    • Project selection tree: Start project visualization harmonized among different themes

    Version 1.4.7

    • A possibility to suppress the filter selection dialog for specific solutions is introduced
    • Options: new settings for application delay of Loading Status Workaround as well as Solution Filter introduced

    Version 1.4.6

    • Inclusion filters: Saved filters can now be defined as inclusion or exclusion (default) filters. This flags defines the way a filter is saved: exclusion filters state exlictely what projects are NOT loaded, inclusion filters define what projects are loaded. All filters defined in previous Funnel versions are exlusion filters.
    • Options dialog: a default value for inclusion/exclusion filter preselection can be set in the options dialog

    Version 1.4.5

    • Fix: the suo workaround strategy "Unload project files after load" implementation is enhanced

    Version 1.4.4

    • Selection dialog / Project tree: two new context menu items for saving the currently selected filter introduced (Save and Save As)
    • Fix: Project tree: Minor bug in Expand/Collapse context menu command fixed

    Version 1.4.3

    • Support for Visual Studio 2015 introduced

    Version 1.4.2

    • Project tree: a new in-place filter for start projects introduced
    • Project tree: start projects are rendered bold
    • Project tree: a context menu item for setting the solution start project is introduced (available for for project nodes)
    • Fix: Selection dialog: instant node selection is correctly considered on project load

    Version 1.4.1

    • The UI flow of the filter selection dialog is reworked
    • Selection dialog / project trees: a new in-place filter for unchecked projects introduced
    • Fix: Popup-width of all comboboxes fixed

    Version 1.4.0

    • Project selection tree provides a context menu with options for collapsing/expanding of tree nodes
    • Filter selection dialog: A new user setting for customization of the Esc-key handling is introduced
    • Fix: Filter textbox tooltip in the filter selection dialog is fixed for dark UI theme

    Version 1.3.12

    • Filter selection dialog: The background color of the button "Load None" is fixed
    • Dark UI theme: Checkbox labels foreground color fixed
    • Selection dialog / project tree: the filter text field has a watermark text with a hint

    Version 1.3.11

    • "Load None"-action introduced in the filter selection dialog
    • The default as well as the minimum size of the filter selection window are slightly increased, so that all controls are always visible

    Version 1.3.10

    • Load dependencies flag introduced: if set, not only the selected projects but also all their dependencies are load. The default values is false
    • Short-cut application for default filter improved: Ctrl+Shift: applies the last used filter (saved or instant) without showing the filter selection dialog

    Version 1.3.9

    • Solution Explorer filtering function improved: empty folders are no longer shown
    • Solution Explorer filtering function fix: the solution tree was empty after a solution load in Visual Studio 2013

    Version 1.3.8

    • Several short-cuts introduced. If opening a solution, hold one of the following keys for:
      • Ctrl+Shift: apply the last used filter (saved or instant) without showing the filter selection dialog
      • Ctrl: show the dialog if the number of solution projects is below the maximum project threshold
      • E: load empty solution. Loads only the solution but no projects
      • Esc: skip filtering, just load the whole solution normally

    Version 1.3.7

    • Dark theme: checkboxes visualization fixed. Checkbox marks were hardly visible with certain windows design settings

    Version 1.3.6

    • Project filter introduced: Projects within the project tree can be filtered by title
    • All extension menu items are disabled if no solution is loaded
    • Options dialog: a possibility of specifying the filter storage file extension is introduced. The default file extension is .vsext
    • Options dialog: a reset button is introduced. All user-specific settings can be reset to default values

    Version 1.3.5

    • Bugfix in settings dialog: Maximum threshold value is no longer limited to 100

    Version 1.3.4

    • Solution Explorer filter fixed

    Version 1.3.3

    • A patch for Solution Explorer filters implemented. Erroneously hidden items are no longer hidden. However the folder items are now always shown, even if they do not contain any loaded projects.

    Version 1.3.2

    • A new settings introduced Filter dialog threshold: no filter selection dialog is shown until the maximum number of projects specified by this setting is reached. The filter selection dialog is always shown if the threshold is set to 0
    • Size and position of dialog windows are saved as user specific settings
    • A bug is fixed in saving and loading of user-specific version

    Version 1.3.1

    • Fix: Open document list no longer enforce project loading
    • Fix: Project unloading is done more accurately
    • Visual Studio about dialog provides valid about info as well as a valid extension version
    • Improved combobox style in filter selection dialog in combination with some specific Windows and Visual Studio themes

    Version 1.3.0

    • All user interface elements are now theme-aware. UI dialogs dynamically adapt colors of the current Visual Studio theme

    Version 1.2.7

    • Fix in the "Selection dialog mode" loading option

    Version 1.2.6

    • Improved error handling
    • Possibility to show or suppress the filter selection dialog: New setting "Selection dialog mode" with the options "Always show" and "Always hide". In the "Always show" mode the filter selection dialog can still be shown if the Ctrl key is pressed. In the "Always hide" mode all, hold Esc for loading all projects, hold E for loading no projects
    • Placeholder text introduced for start up projects in the filter management dialog

    Version 1.2.5

    • Visual Studio crash fixed

    Version 1.2.4

    • Set startup project routine fixed
    • Solution Explorer toolbar now contains the commands for Solution Reload as well as Show/Hide Unloaded Projects
    • New command icons used
    • Filter selection dialog contains the solution name in the window title

    Version 1.2.3

    • Workflow reworked for saved and instant filters: Ad-Hoc filter renamed to instant filter. Saved filters can be edited immediately in the filter selection dialog (before solution load)
    • Startup project is now set correctly.
    • "Hide unloaded projects" option considers the real unload project status instead of filter settings (applicable for Visual Studio 2012/2013 only)

    Version 1.2.2

    • Crash fixed: duplicate project names in a solution caused a crash

    Version 1.2.1

    • Filter management dialog: Synchronization of the filter selection with the projects tree was broken

    Version 1.2

    • Instant filtering introduced, saved filters are no longer required, the projects to load can be selected directly at load time

    Version 1.1.14

    • Several bugs fixed in the Solution Explorer filter (applicable for Visual Studio 2012/2013 only)
    • Hiding of unloaded projects in the Solution Explorer is an option which can be activated/deactivated directly in the load filter selection dialog (Visual Studio 2012/2013 only)

    Version 1.1.13

    • Solution Explorer filter introduced for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013: All unloaded projects are hidden if the filter is applied
    • Visual Studio 2010 support is maintained in a separate branch, available as separate vsix installer in the Visual Studio Gallery

    Version 1.1.12

    • New option added: The filter selection dialog can be optionally always displayed, even if no filters are defined (useful for the options 'Load None' or 'Load All')
    • Startup projects are no longer loaded, if they are not contained in the current filter selection
    • Bugfix for accurate loading/unloading of database projects

    Version 1.1.11

    • An accurate workaround for suo loading status consideration is introduced as default option
    • Bugfix for filter management just after creation a new solution

    Version 1.1.10

    • Visual Studio 2013 support introduced

    Version 1.1.9

    • Several UX issues fixed
    • "Load None" button introduced in the filter selection dialog

    Version 1.1.8

    • Performance of the project selection tree improved
    • Several minor usability issues fixed
    • Logging option support introduced(devenv.exe /log). Improved internal error handling

    Version 1.1.7

    • A start project can now be defined as part of a load filter. In this way each filter can have its individual start project

    Version 1.1.6

    • Filter multi-selection: load filters can now be combined in the selection dialog before loading the solution

    Version 1.1.5

    • Fix for Visual Studio option page: sometimes the option page was not correctly rendered

    Version 1.1.4

    • Filter selection dialog was re-designed for better usability
    • Solution reloading now takes place after a filter selection
    • Solution reloading can now be cancelled in the filter dialog
    • Last selected filter is stored for each user and solution

    Version 1.1.3

    • A new option (under Tools / Options / vsFunnel / Always delete suo files) for deletion of suo files is available. Under certain circumstances Visual Studio 2010 SP1 incorrectly uses project loading states from suo files. This hack removes suo files before opening solution. The new behaviour must be explicitly activated with this option
    • Help button added to the profile management dialog

    Version 1.1.2

    • All functions can be accessed with keyboard only
    • Shortcuts as well as tree key handling implemented
    • UI commands are only available if a solution is loaded