Master large and mid-size Visual Studio solutions

    FAQs and Known Issues

    Start projects
    Projects marked as "start projects" could be loaded even if they are not contained in the currently applied solution filter. Visual Studio assumes that the project to be started must always be loaded. As a solution a startup project should be defined for each filter, so that it is explicitely loaded instead of the default project.

    License and license fees
    vsFunnel is freeware. It can be used free of charge for all kinds of projects. The full EULA text is available at the Visual Studio gallery

    Suo workaround strategies
    This setting (available in the menu Tools/Options/vsFunnel) prevents Visual Studio from using the loading status of solution projects from the user options (suo) file. The default option "Unload project files after load" is the most accurate but also the slowest. The option "Delete suo files" improves the loading speed but removes the suo files, so that user options (like list of opened documents, breakpoints or bookmarks) are lost after solution reload.


    Handling of unknown project types
    In some special cases, if the solution contains projects not supported by the current Visual Studio installation (e.g. it relies on another framework version, contains unknown projects types which support has to be installed separately, etc.), the extension may behave incorrectly. In these cases the installation of the missing component should fix the problem.

    Incorrect uninstallation of the extension
    sometimes Visual Studio cannot update or uninstall an extension in a clean way. So the extension is not listed as installed but is still available in (and loaded from) the Visual Studio Extensions directory.
    To fix the problem, please uninstall vsFunnel, close Visual Studio and then go to the directory %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\\Extensions which should contain only the installed extensions. Look inside all directories and remove all folders containing the Funnel.dll file. Now you can start Visual Studio and install the latest Funnel version using the VS gallery.

    Changed VS behavior for adding a New Folder if vsFunnel is enabled
    The issue is caused by the Visual Studio Solution Explorer filter. If Funnel is uninstalled (or disabled) and the Solution Filter is enabled (e.g. the Pending Changes Filter or Open Files filter in the toolbar of the Solution Explorer are toggled), the user will experience exactly the same symptoms if a new solution or project folder is created.
    The Funnel option "Hide Unloaded Projects" (which is active by default) activates the Solution Filter, which leads to the described problem. We hope that this issue will be fixed in one of the next VS releases.