Master large and mid-size Visual Studio solutions


    Decrease solution re-compilation times dramatically by filtering projects not relevant for the current development task.

    Large solutions which contain a considerable amount of code and/or projects may be time consuming for Visual Studio in compiling the solution code. In most cases however, you do not need all the source code contained by a Visual Studio solution. We usually work on one or two aspects or features of the application and after completing them move to the next one. Funnel allows an in-time selective loading of solution parts. It improves the performance for compiling your projects dramatically.

    For Visual Studio versions prior to 2017.2 it also decreases the solution loading time - only the selected projects are loaded.

    This article provides a detailed problem description of dealing with mid-size, large, big or even huge solutions.

    How it works:

    • Load the solution normally
    • If you are loading the solution, you will be asked for filter selection each time. Select projects to load or use a saved filter or just skip filtering and load the solution in the usual way

    Notice: Saved filters are stored as plain xml files in the same directory as solution, so they can be easily shared in teams.

    Watch this short screen cast to see how the extension works with a large solution containing more than 100 projects.